Liquid Gold


I am seriously obsessed with Nars’s Liquid Gold Face Set.

Containing a lip gloss, illuminator and a multiple, this set is perfect to start bringing some warmth to the skin this winter.

For best results I mix a small amount of the Hot Sand Illuminator with my foundation and apply all over my face. This product is amazing for bringing a rich glow to the skin just be sure not to use too much!

When using the South Beach Multiple I apply it to the edges of my cheek bones then use my finger to rub it over my lips. I then finish this off by applying the Gold Digger Lipgloss in the middle of my lips.

Treat eyes, lips, and cheeks to a gold touch-up for just £27.00.  Shop the set here.


Out and about wearing Liquid Gold! x

Brow Favourites


Eyebrows seem to be the most important facial feature at the moment and getting the perfect brow certainly isn’t easy!

Methods like tinting and threading are great for creating a fuller, neater brow however regular trips to the salon can sometimes be a struggle.

So here are my top three products for creating the perfect brow at home

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers £21.99

These are definitely unrivalled when it comes to precision! The tweezers are perfectly aligned with their hand-filed tweezer tips and the slanted finish ensures hairs are grabbed every time!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz £15.50

This product uses an ultra fine crayon to fill and plump out sparse or unshapely brows. It avoids the ‘coloured in’ look using a skinny, mechanical nib that can mimic even the finest hairs, coupled with a brush for convenient blending. You can fake fuller brows in an instant thanks to a variety of natural shades – and there’s no need for a sharpener- just twist for more. A great, simple to use product which is perfect for the early morning rush!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel £16.50

Say goodbye to slimy Vaseline! Clear Brow Gel is perfect for giving brows definition & for taming strays without looking stiff. Used alone or over your favourite product, it sets the hairs into whatever shape you want. The botanical formula conditions the hairs transforming them into glossy well-behaved brows!

No matter which product you are using these top tips are a must!

  1. Use short upwards strokes in the direction of hair growth when filling in the brows.
  2. Accentuate their shape by grabbing a fine brush and lining underneath the brow arches with concealer.
  3. After filling them in blend with a brow brush (mascara brushes are also great) for even, natural looking coverage.
  4. Create your brows in really good light, natural lighting is best!

8 tips for a happier you

FullSizeRender (2)

Quite often we can get stuck in a rut where our motivation and happiness is running on empty. Life can be tough and some of situations we face can leave us feeling depressed and pessimistic as to what lies ahead. However altering your mind set isn’t as difficult as you may think. Ultimately you are in control of your emotions and you allow yourself to feel what you feel.

Here are some simple tips to help you lead a more positive, happier lifestyle

1. Start your day with gratitude
Instead of waking up with negative thoughts like ‘I hate my job’, force yourself to think about three things you are grateful for in your life. Examples could be your health, your friends or quite simply the roof over your head.

2. Watch your body language
We all know that our body language speaks a thousand words. If you walk around with your arms folded and your head down people are going to avoid you, making your day less sociable. Try to keep your body language open and friendly which could help you to engage and build relationships with more people.

3. Let go of that grudge
There may be times in life when others really hurt you and you cling on to those emotions of bitterness and resentment. Holding on to these emotions is like holding a toxic poison within your body. Try your best to forgive and move on from these situations. The past is the past and you’re only punishing yourself more by wasting energy on a grudge.

4. Get outside
Whether it’s jogging around the park or going for a walk, nature is supposed to be a quick win for boosting your mood. Appreciating scenery and breathing in fresh air is great for cleansing the mind. Exercise also releases endorphin’s which stimulate positive feelings within the body.

5. Be selective with the people in your life
The saying you are the company you keep couldn’t be more true. Make sure you are socialising with people who care and want what’s best for you. Ensure your friendship circle is positive and supportive by being built on genuine foundations. If that relationship is bringing you down and you have more reasons to leave than stay find the strength to cut it off.

6. Eat right
It’s been proven that healthy foods can aid in a positive mind. Try to eat more fresh, organic foods and allow their nutrients to boost your feelings of health and well-being. In turn allow yourself to have treats and meals out. A well balanced diet without starvation or binging can do wonders for your mood.

7. Make others smile
Giving someone a compliment or helping others to boost their confidence will not only increase their happiness, it will also increase yours. Happiness can be contagious and by spreading it to others it will come around full circle and increase yours.

8. Ignore the doubt
We all have moments in life where we feel scared to do something. It could be the fear of failure or rejection but until you give yourself a chance to do something you will never know. Sometimes chances pay off, sometimes they don’t, however, no matter the outcome, we always learn to deal with it in the end. It’s the fear of the unknown that can restrict us, so take control and believe in your abilities.

Latest purchase

Finally got my hands on a pair of Céline sunglasses!


Céline was founded in Paris in 1945, making a name as the ultimate in polished French style. Now headed up by Phoebe Philo, the brand is coveted for its contemporary minimalism with a luxury twist. The sunglass range sees oversized frames with smooth edges, well defined lines and minimazed logos.

I chose this vintage inspired pair for its tortoiseshell infusion and graduated lens. Bring on the sunshine!

Shop the Céline Tortoiseshell D-frame acetate sunglasses here

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New Year Health Kick

After over indulging at Christmas, it’s time to start the New Year health kick. So many people will starting pounding the gym or living off only greens for the next few days. However these drastic changes will only cause a sudden lapse after the motivation wears off causing you to quickly spiral back to your old ways!

Changes need to be gradual and built on enjoyment.

feel good 2

When I was sixteen I started jogging 3-4 times a week and since then have managed to continue exercising. I found running was great for de-stressing and was also my favourite chance to listen to those feel good tunes. However, I didn’t start lapping round the park because of a New Year’s resolution, I actually did it because I needed any excuse to get out of the house to avoid revising for those dreaded GCSE’s!

I think the key is exercising because you want to.

For those who don’t want to become gym bunnies in the New Year, here’s a couple of  my favourite exercise free things to try to  boost that health kick!

  1. Mix things up with a Nutribullet


This is amazing for creating smoothies and soups. I usually mix berries and porridge oats for a delicious breakfast smoothie in the mornings.

You can purchase a Nutribullet from their official website using their new year sale.

2. Try Mango & Lychee Green Tea

mango and lychee

Hate the taste of Green Tea? Me too! However this Twinings variation is actually drinkable, phew!

3. Create Veggie based alternatives with a Spirailazer


I’ve just purchased this spiralizer from Amazon and am already obsessed! It’s simple to use and creates delicious vegetable spaghetti leaving your plate a carb free zone.

I got the Hemsley + Hemlsey Spiralizer for £19.95 from Amazon.

Here’s a snap of last night’s homemade zucchini pasta. Yum!

FullSizeRender (2)