MAC False Lashes Mascara Review

mac mascara

If we were forced to ditch our make up kits and only keep one product, most of us would say the mascara is the keeper.

It’s our instant  go to product which makes leaving the house almost completely make up free more acceptable!

The latest mascara I’ve been trialling is Mac’s False Lashes Extreme Black mascara. I’d heard it was a popular product so thought I’d put its raving reviews to the test. Here’s the low down…

Firstly at £19, it’s certainly up there with some of the premium prices. Upon opening you can see its brush size is more than generous and can hold a lot of product reducing the need to have to constantly re-apply.

I can see why its called extreme black as the product itself is certainly very inky. The texture is almost mousse like which means its very clean to apply. The brush type along with it’s rich formula ensures that lashes are given a proper full effect allowing only a few strokes to create some intense volume.

The only down side is that it didn’t give me any extra length which means it isn’t really full-fulling that promise of a false lash effect.

All in all I’d give it a 7/10 for its a quick volume however unless you already have long lashes this product will not create any extra length.



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